A note from the Auctioneer:

Almost 40 years ago, my dad, Auctioneer Al Land and mom, Marie, began a successful auction business in Meridian, MS. With a focus on estate auctions, the company grew and so did his reputation for quality, trusted auctions.

I was brought up in every aspect of the business and as soon as I could hold a microphone, I was entertaining the crowd during the breaks with my favorite songs sung with a heavy lisp and a smile. As I grew, so did my involvement. I went to auctioneer school as soon as I was old enough to attend. Years of working with my Dad provided me experience and knowledge of the auction business. My dad, Al, was the most honest, straight-forward man I have ever known and this was demonstrated in the way he ran his business. My goal is to carry on this practice that he taught me from a young age.

Since I lost my dad in 2001, many people have asked me if I would consider continuing in his footsteps and having an "Al Land Auction". Getting back into this business is something I never thought I could or would do without him. However, after all these years of having people share their memories and stories about how Dad's auction was more than just a place to go and buy: it was something to do on a Saturday, a social event, their weekend entertainment, or even a love connection (true story).  I feel that it is now time to honor him and to continue the tradition of doing what we both love.

Today, I am proud to carry on that tradition with Bo Land Auctions, LLC.

Thanks to all my old and new auction friends,

Alton "Bo" Land

About Bo Land:

Bo is a second generation Auctioneer and life long resident of Lauderdale County, MS. When he was 16 years old, he graduated from Missouri Auction School and started calling auctions. With a lifetime of auction experience, Bo is accustomed to handling all aspects of the auctions business.

Whether you know him as Al, Little Al, Alt, Alton, Al Jr., Al the 3rd, BoBo Green, or Bo - I am proud to call him my husband. I have been privileged enough to hear so many great stories from so many people about Al's auctions and they never get old. I love hearing how fondly people remember him and how he had such an impact on everyone's lives in one way or another. I can't wait to be a part of all the new memories, spend time with all those I've already met, and meet the new faces joining the auction circle with Bo Land Auctions.

Bo is a current resident of Collinsville, MS. He is lucky enough to be married to me (Hahaha!)

(a.k.a. - Jen, Bo's wife & Jude's Momma) and we have a daughter named Jude.

Bo is a volunteer fire fighter and serves as the Assistant Chief at Martin Volunteer Fire and Rescue. He also serves as a search diver, a fire investigator, a member of Long Street Lodge and is active in more community service organizations than I could list if I tried. I couldn't be more proud of all he does for this community. Bo is also a "jack of all trades".

In addition to being an auctioneer, he is a licensed electrician, has a machine/metal working shop, and enjoys building and working on most everything. I haven't found anything yet he can't fix. He is also a Grill Master, the King crawfish cooker and hasn't met a honey-do list he can't tackle all while being an excellent husband, father and friend.

Thank you for all the love and support,

Jen Land